Decorating Capabilities

Silk Screening on Jars

One of the most popular decorating options, screen printing (or silk screening). This process involves starting off with camera ready artwork, creating a film positive, (a photo image of the artwork), burning the image onto a photo-sensitive specified screen mesh and then pressing the ink through a screen with a squeegee , allowing the color to be applied only where desired. Each color is applied separately using a new screen to give a crisp design.

    Advantages of silk screen printing:

  • Direct-to-surface printing
  • UV curable inks
  • Can decorate 360-degrees of the container surface
  • High-speed production
  • Multi-color capabilities

Offset printing on Caps

Unlike screen printing, in offset printing the image of the design is transferred to plates rather than a screen. Each plate is individually engraved for every color used; the ink is then transferred to a rubber "blanket." Blankets are attached to a rotating wheel, and each blanket contains one color. Whereas in screen printing a separate pass is required for each color, in offset printing, the entire process is done in a single pass.. However, production will be at a lower speed.

    Advantages of offset printing:

    • Precise replication of even delicate designs and artwork
    • When artwork has halftone printing demands
    • Up to 2 pass application
    • Direct-to-surface printing

Hot Stamping on Caps

Hot stamping is the technique of applying a metallic accents to a closure through the use of heat, pressure and dies. The die is embossed with the image to be transferred to the surface of the container. The embossed die is then heated, pressing the foil onto container. This method can is used to roll a 360-degree foil stripe around a closure.

    Advantages of hot stamping:

  • Does not require post-curing or treatment
  • Can be applied in stock gold or silver color
  • Custom colors are available for an upcharge, call your Sales rep for details.
  • Offers precise design placement

Multi-Process Decorating

As the name implies, multi-process decorating combines a number of techniques — offset printing and hot stamping.

    Advantages of multi-process decorating:

    • Offers a high degree of customization
    • Ideal for high-end items or to create a strong brand message
    • Provides strong product standout on store shelves
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