Flash Color Colorants for CSI Jars & Caps



  • We now offer our customers 6 new, intense "Flash Color" colorants — Polished Metal, Passion Plum, Egyptian Gold, Moss Green, Rocket Red and Electric Blue.
  • These new iridescent, jewel-tone Flash Color shades are 33% brighter than ordinary colorants used in plastics.
  • Utilizing the proprietary Flash Color manufacturing process, the particle size of the mica used is controlled with a much tighter tolerance than previously possible. It results in a narrower distribution of light coming off of the particles, giving the Flash Color shades a significantly brighter flash.

Features & Benefits

  • The brightest iridescent-type products on the market today-agreat way to make your packaging standout on the shelf or in th consumer's home.
  • Available as a color option for all CSI Jars and Caps produced in polypropylene (PP), polystyrene (PS), or Styrene Acrylonitrile (SAN)-no limits to what we can do for your brand.
  • Colorant made in USA
  • Jars and Caps made in USA — World-class environmental and quality standards and easy communication.
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