PIR - Recycled Resin Caps

Size 58mm 70mm 89mm
In-Mold Frosted Dome dot dot  
In-Mold Frosted Straight Side     dot
In-Mold Frosted Straight Side XT   green-dot green-dot

PIR: Post Industrial Resin


  • PIR (Post Industrial Resin) is a blend of recycled polypropylene resins.
  • Affordable and environmentally responsible packaging.
  • Good for the earth, good for your brand and great for your business.
  • Available in black.


  • Made from plastic destined for landfills
  • Environmentally friendly by minimizing the use of new raw materials.
  • Recycled resin base is cleaned to the highest standard.
  • Perfectly safe for cosmetics and skincare products.
  • Same material profile as standard polyproplylene.
  • Additional compatability or stability testing may not be needed.
  • Made in USA — World-class environmental and quality standards and easy communication.

Decorating Capabilities

  • Decorative Options - Off-Set Printing
  • Foil banding around base of cap.
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