Can you help me select the right material for my product?
Yes. Choosing the correct resin depends on product formulation, compatibility, size, weight, light, moisture or oxygen transmission, molding properties, decorating options, regulatory compliance, environmental factors, shelf appeal and other considerations. Please contact your CSI sales representative for information and assistance. (805) 487-6698
Does PIR (post-industrial resin) perform as well as traditional plastic packaging?

Yes. Recycled resins are cleaned to the highest standards and perfectly safe for cosmetics, skincare and personal care products. Material properties including heat resistance, moisture resistance and shelf stability are similar to traditional plastics, so added stability and compatibility testing may not be required.

Do you manufacture recycled plastic packaging?
Yes. Our post-industrial resin (PIR) components are a blend of recycled polypropylene made from plastic destined for landfills. No virgin resins or materials are used. This affordable eco-friendly packaging reduces the use of petroleum-based plastics and new raw materials.
What traditional plastic injection-molded packaging do you offer?

Our traditional plastic packaging includes (PP) Polypropylene, polyethylene (PE), polystyrene (PS), acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS), styrene acrylonitrile (SAN), and PETG.

Do you provide color matching services?
Yes. Color matching reinforces product quality and brand integrity to ensure rich consistent color throughout every run. Choose frosted, metallic, pearl, sparkle, luminescent, translucent, or marbling in a gloss or dull finish. After you supply a Pantone number or plastic standard it takes 7 to 10 days for matching. We will then forward color chips for approval. Two chips must be signed and returned as approval standards. If the color match is rejected more than twice a set up fee may be required.
How do i order samples to test my products in your packaging?
Contact customer service or your Sales rep.
How do i know if my product is compatible with the packaging?

Our long-term experience in manufacturing and plastic materials help ensure your products and packaging are well-suited for each other and meet or exceed stability, compatibility, barrier resistance and other quality standards. This is especially critical for products containing chemicals, oils, alcohol, or complex formulas. Ingredients can also sensitive to light, air, heat and moisture. To this end we work closely with your development personnel, testing laboratories, and suppliers. We provide sample components, pilot batches, material evaluations, analytics, process validations and other support services to ensure you packaging is compliant in all areas.

What types of sealing discs do you produce?

We produce high quality sealing discs that ensure products remain pristine until they reach the customers and keep the product inside the jar where it belongs. More durable than dust covers, these discs feature an insert tab for easy opening, closing and added protection.

What types of caps or specialty closures do you produce?

Choose ribbed, dome, straight side, high-profile, low-profile and other styles. We produce specialty closures for jars tubes, bottles, pumps, sprayers and droppers in snap fit, dome, dispensing and other styles. We also develop custom caps and closures for specific needs. Decorating options include hot stamping, offset printing and banding.

Do you manufacture cosmetic pencil components?

Yes. We manufacture eight different parts for cosmetic pencil components. Ask your authorized CSI sales representative for details. (805) 487-6698

What other jars do you manufacture?

We manufacture single-wall jars, in-mold frosted jars, PETG thick-wall jars, recycled, bio-based and biodegradable jars and matching caps. We also produce specialty jars, seasonal, and promotional products. Choose traditional plastics and acrylics or post industrial resins in styles, sizes and colors to meet your needs.

What is a double-wall jar?

Double-wall jars are elegant, lightweight containers with a durable outer shell and inner liner that is compatible with cosmetics, skincare, hair care and personal care products. These jars provide visual impact, shelf appeal, attract attention and distinguish your products from the competition. The smooth sides facilitate easy silk-screening, labeling or custom decorating. Straight, round base and pumpkin shapes are available in sizes to coordinate an entire family of products.

What size containers do you manufacture?

Double-wall jars which feature an inner and outer shell range from 1/4-oz to 8-oz. Single-wall jars are available from 2-oz to 18-oz capacity.

How long does CSI take to produce custom tooling?

Call your Sales rep for details.

Do you produce in-house tooling?

Yes. We build our tools on-site providing single-source manufacturing that saves customers time, resources and money. We also accept and maintain customer-supplied tooling. Expert on-site mold repair service is also available.

What are your typical lead times?

Lead time is eight-weeks production, confirmation will be made at time of Purchase Order (PO).

What are your minimum quantities?

Our minimum quantity for components is 25,000 decorated. Call your Sales rep for order quantities less than than 25,000 pieces, they may be available for a small order fee.

How does CSI stay competitive in the global market?

The challenges of off-shore sourcing include cultural, communications, financial, legal, environmental, political, and product quality issues. We stay competitive offering high quality, single-sourcing, fast service, reliability, innovative solutions and just-in-time shipping without customs duties or quotas. Also, by working with major resin suppliers for more than 30 years has allowed us to keep overheads low and pass these savings on to our customers.

What are the benefits of working with CSI?

The benefits to CSI customers include turnkey production, short lead-times, low minimum quantities (MOQ), on-time delivery and excellent customer service. We respond quickly to design changes and custom orders. We are conveniently located close to major private-label manufacturers, contract packagers and transportation hubs. We ship finished goods quickly and reliably. Over the years, customers have relied on CSI for packaging innovation, mold repair, on-site tooling, single-sourcing, quality assurance, on-site decorating and problem-solving.

Who are your customers?

We serve U.S. and global beauty, cosmetics, skin care, hair care, nail care, foot care, health, wellness, personal care, fragrance, spa, bath & body, nutraceutical, over-the-counter, and natural, organic and private-label product companies.

Do you manufacture environmentally-friendly packaging?

Yes. Besides traditional plastic and acrylic, we manufacture post-industrial resin.

What products & services do you offer?

Our product line includes single and double-wall jars, caps, sealing discs, liners, pencil components and specialty closures. We provide on-site tooling, prototyping, injection molding, decorating and assembly. On-site decorating services include labeling, silk screening, pad printing, hot stamping, banding and custom options.

Is CSI affiliated with Cosmolab?

No. CSI is an independent company. We have no relationship with Cosmolab, which operates out of its Tennessee location.

Who owns CSI?

Airlite Plastics Co. acquired Cosmetic Specialties International, LLC on October 1st, 2021, expanding its industry presence into cosmetic packaging products.

Airlite Plastics is a privately held, family owned and operated manufacturer of performance packaging. Headquartered in Omaha, Nebraska and founded in 1946 more information can be found on the Airlite website.

How are your products shipped?

We can ship bulk or layer-packaged depending on your needs.

Does CSI provide full-service decorating?

Yes. We provide complete on-site decorating including silk-screening, hot stamp foil banding on closures, offset printing and custom decorating options. Contact your CSI sales representatives for details. (805) 487-6698

Can you help me design, develop and produce my packaging?

Yes. Our experienced team can provide turnkey packaging services from concepts, design, tooling and prototyping to manufacturing, on-site decorating and final assembly.

What is a mold?

A mold or die is a common term used to describe the tooling used to produce the plastic parts in injection molding. When a product is designed, a mold is made from steel or aluminum and machined to form the features of the desired part. Molds consist of two primary components, the injection mold (plate A) and the ejector mold (plate B). The barrel of the mold is known as the mold cavity.

What is plastic injection molding?

Plastic injection molding is a manufacturing process that forms products when heat-softened molding material (resin) is forced into a mold cavity where it cools and hardens into the desired shape. Used to make parts from tiny components to automobile body panels, injection molding is accomplished by large injection molding machines. Plastic injection molding is an ideal process for producing high volumes of the same object.

Where are you located?

CSI has manufacturing facilities in Southern California and authorized sales representatives throughout North America. CSI was originally founded in Hollywood, California in 1978.

Who is cosmetic specialties international?

Cosmetic Specialties International, LLC (CSI) is a leading plastic injection molding manufacturer serving beauty, health and personal care customers for more 30 years. We offer in-house design, tooling, prototyping and decorating for stock and custom components. We manufacture more than 200 million plastic parts annually.

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